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* Efforts to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection *


Staff infection prevention measures

1. Thorough physical condition management, staff who are uneasy about their physical condition such as fever and cough are suspended from work.

In addition, when I go to work, I start work after measuring the temperature.

2. We wear masks when serving customers such as check-in and check-out, and try to keep the distance as much as possible.

3. During work, I diligently wash my hands, gargle, and disinfect my fingers.


Management in the facility

1. We are cleaning with a disinfectant spray. In particular, we carefully sterilize places that are often touched by everyone.

2. Sufficient ventilation is provided.


Request to customers

1. Visitors are kindly requested to cooperate with the temperature measurement with a non-contact thermometer at the entrance.

Please refrain from using this product if you have symptoms such as fever (37.5 degrees or higher) or cough. Please contact us in advance.

2. Please cooperate in wearing a mask at check-in and check-out.

3. A sterilization gel is installed at the front door to sterilize the hands and fingers before entering the building.

4. We ask the representatives for their cooperation in oral confirmation of your physical condition.


* If you have symptoms such as fever or cough, or if you are infected or have close contact with us, please be sure to contact us in advance.

In case of unavoidable cancellation, we will respond without a cancellation fee.


If there are other necessary measures, we will add them each time.


The hotel is a private cottage that can be used by a group per day.

We hope that you will not come into contact with other customers and that you can stay with peace of mind even in the event of a corona virus.

All the staff are welcoming you with the utmost care.

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